U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Resources

The US Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR industrial program promotes energy efficiency through strategic energy management and assists hundreds of industrial manufacturers through offering a unique set of resources. These ready-to-use resources are easily adoptable for all manufacturing operations of any size and for use in public programs that help such organizations sustain energy efficiency, save money, and reduce emissions. All of the following resources can be found online at www.energystar.gov/industry.

Key ENERGY STAR for Industry resources include:

  • Energy management program development guidance and tools
  • Energy guides and other technical tools and resources that identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Plant energy efficiency benchmarking tools such as Energy Performance Indicators and the Energy Tracking Tool
  • Networking and sharing of best practices among industry’s energy managers through Industrial Focuses
  • Recognition opportunities to celebrate energy efficiency achievements

Energy Management Program Development

Technical Guides and Benchmarking Tools & Resources

Recognition Opportunities

Industrial Focuses

For specific industries, ENERGY STAR convenes “Industrial Focuses”, with over 25 manufacturing industries & sub-sectors currently participate in ENERGY STAR Industrial Focuses. These industrial focuses development industry-specific energy efficiency guidance and plant benchmarking tools.

See energy efficiency guides by industry below:

See Plant Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) by industry below: