Midwestern Governors Association Resources

The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) is a non-profit, bipartisan organization that brings together governors and their staff to address public policy issues of significance to the region. The MGA provides governors with the opportunity to foster regional development and attain greater efficiency in state administration.

MGA Industrial Energy Productivity Focus: A key focus of the 2013 chairs agenda increasing production of low cost energy. Midwestern industries have many opportunities to both implement industrial energy efficient practices, but also manufacture the new industrial energy efficiency products.

Please see the links below for PDFs of MGA publications on "Revitalizing the Midwest Through Industrial Energy Productivity"

Introduction Alliant Energy
Adkins Energy Didion Milling
Otter Tail Ford Motor Company

Below is a video produced by MGA highlighting both Industrial Energy Efficiency and CHP at a Biofuels plant in Illinois.