Total Industrial Energy Consumption in 2010

  • 1,291.6 trillion Btu

  • 278 billion cubic feet of natural gas

  • 46,552 million kWh

  • Ranked 4th in the nation for industrial energy consumption

Top Industries

Indiana has a very robust industrial sector, the top industries include manufacturers of aluminum, chemicals, glass, metal casting, and steel.  Indiana's industrial sector consumed more energy in 2010 than the residential and commercial sectors combined.


(Source EIA, WRI)

Technologies: HVAC, Steam Traps, VSD's/VFD's/Motors, Other

Technologies: Custom Incentives, HVAC, Lighting, VSD's/VFD's/Motors

Technologies: HVAC, Lighting, VSD's/VFD's/Motors

Technologies: Auditing, Custom Incentives, HVAC

Technologies: Food Service, HVAC, Lighting, New Construction, Refrigeration, VSD's/VFD's/Motors

Technologies: Custom Incentives, Food Service, HVAC, New Construction