The modern electric motor dates back to 1831, when American physicist Joseph Henry published a paper describing an electric motor.  His motor used electric current to produce mechanical movement.  Modern motors can be classified into two groups: electromagnetic motors and magnetic motors.

Plant engineers, facility managers, operations personnel, and others whose work involves motor and drive systems are constantly assessing the efficiency of their motor and drive applications.  They are under constant pressure to reduce energy costs. Motors have a huge impact to operating efficiency and system reliability. A plant motor preventive maintenance program that increases the overall efficiency of a motor and drive system can often reduce plant downtime.  This is just one of several important benefits of energy efficiency improvements. 


The Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Excellent source for lists of Premium Efficiency Motors

Motor Decisions Matter
Great link to resources to get started with motor management.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association

Motor-Master + Motor-Driven Systems
Free software allows users to create or import an inventory of in-plant operating and spare motors.

Technical Publications from the Department of Energy: Motors